“The Long Black Line” came to me as a story idea in 1997.

I had spent maybe two years of my life in East Texas, and yet it was the only home I knew. Throughout my childhood, my family had moved from one Army base to another, relocating every two or three years – we covered two foreign countries and six states in the U.S. The East Texas woods were home to me because my grandparents were always there.

Herman Wright
Executive Producer/Director/Writer

Herman Wright is founder and President of MC3, an entertainment and educational company with operations in California, Texas and Virginia.
A 20-year veteran of marketing and sales in the health care industry and a fourth generation Texan, Mr. Wright launched MC3 in 2002. His first documentary, The Long Black Line: An American Story, was the result of this former college history major’s discovery of a story about a prominent local family in his hometown newspaper, the Jasper Newsboy. The family had traced their roots back to the early 1800s, to ancestors who were among the first settlers in the area. Three facts struck him: First, their surname was
Wright, like his. Second, their ancestral land is include.s his family’s land. Finally, they are white and he is black.

His research for the documentary and upcoming projects became more than a simple genealogy project. In time, he not only learned where he came from, but also about the power of family, community and a mother’s love. learned that there are thousands of others like him, who came up successfully by the same path.

For this project, Mr. Wright also drew from his experience in growing up in states across the country, including two years in East Texas. He also lived in Central America and West Africa, where his father served in the United States Army.

Wright received his bachelor's degree from Texas Christian University and his law degree from the University of Texas, Austin. He followed in his father’s footsteps and served in the United States Army as a Captain in the 1st Infantry Division, Field Artillery.

MC3 is an entertainment and educational company that focuses on the universality of the human condition. With the expressed goal of connecting people and cultures through story-telling, MC3 strives to produce multi-media projects that promote the common links thatunify us in spite of our differences.


Ryan Darden

Ryan is a sound and video editor with exerience using Final Cut Pro, Avid, Pro Tools, and Adobe After Effects. He has a graduate degree in Television Production from Loyola Marymount University in Westchester, CA, where he worked as a sound designer and mixer on seven undergraduate and eight raduate level films.

He served as a Sound FX Editor for Technicolor on the television series Gilmore Girls and Studio City, bere joining New Dominion Pictures in Saffolk, VA. Ryan has been a mobile DJ in over thirty clubs thoughout the United States, and has co-produed and mixed several hip hop albums.
Mike Stahl
Director of Photography

Mike received a Masters of Arts degree from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, and his student film won a Cine Golden Eagle and the Viewer’s Choice Award at the Hollywood Film Festival. He began working in television in 1992, as a segment producer for Comcast Cable in Philadelphia.

He later worked for The Earth Conservancy before returning to the Hampton Roads area, where he has worked as a producer, director of photography and editor for the Christian Broadcast Network, New Dominion Pictures and Coastal Video. He has also done camera work on feature films, including Jekyll Island (1998).

Larry Goeb
Sound Editor

Larry is a Dialogue, Sound Effects and ADR Editor who has worked on more than twenty feature films, forty TV series and fifty TV movies/pilots. Among his credits are the films Forces of Nature (1999) and Barbershop (2002), and the TV series NYPD Blue, Gideon’s Crossing, The Guardian and Judging Amy.

He has been nominated for fourteen Golden Reel Awards, winning in 1999 for his work on the HBO movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. He has also been nominated for three Primetime Emmys, for Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, the USA miniseries Dune and the USA miniseries Steven Spielberg Presents Taken.

Robert Seymone

For nearly forty years, Robert has been acting in film, television and therater. He has appeared in productions for Showtime, USA netwok, and The Discovery Channel, and more recently in the films Family Reunion The Movie (2003), Mickey (2004) and Gravity (2004). In 2001, Robert founded Skillet Productions, with the goal of helping people to self-actualize thoguh the Arts.
He has served as a special assitant to director Tim Reid on the feature film For Real, and will soon star in and co-produced and off Broadway revival of Ben Cladwell’s The Militant Preacher, and a sitcome entitled Uncle Johnny.
Joseph Maddrey
Writer/Associate Producer

In early 2001, Joseph began work in television as a researcher on The Discovery Channel series The FBI Files. Since then, he has served as a researcher, writer and associate producer on the original Science Channel series Failure Analytsius, the forthcoming Discovery Channel series A Haunting, and the MC3 production The Long Black Line, An American Sory.

Joseph is also the author of Nightmare in Red, White and Blue-The Evolution of the American Horror Film, published by McFarlanmd Inc.

Dawn K. Goeb

Dawn is an Emmy Award winning writer and editor with strong storytelling skills. She has more than twenty years of experience and an extensive background including full-length documentaries, news magazines pieces, breaking news stories, and educational programs.

From 1994 to 199, Dawn worked for ABC News on programs such as World News Tonight with Preter Jennings. 20/20, Primetime Live, Nightline and Good Monring America. She has worked on projects for PBS, Lifetime, MSNBC, Fox family Channel, The Discovery Channel and National Geographic.

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