The Shankle family history also begins with a legend that has spread through the family via word of mouth.

It begins with a young Mississippi slave, Jim, whose wife, Winnie, was sold to a family by the name of Shankle. Soon after the family moved to Texas. After watching his beloved torn away from him, Jim escaped and swam the entire Mississippi River to Texas to find his wife. Shortly after finding his wife he was purchased by the Shankles and shortly thereafter The Emancipation Proclamation happened.

Jim and Winnie settled in Texas in the former Plantation named Shankleville.

Jim Shankle then went to work for himself, and bought up a league of land, a remarkable achievement for a former slave of no means. Many residents of Newton County, formerly Shankleville are descendants of Jim and Winnie.

They carry the pride, determination, and perseverance that their family name represents.

A historical plaque commemorates Jim and Winnie’s story of slavery in Mississippi and Texas and the founding of Shankleville

Roosevelt Coleman was the patriarch before he died in 1976..

He was an entrepreneur. He taught at a Rosenwald school, Prairie View Masters, went into business for himself building a chain of mortuaries in Southeast Texas. His sister is Doug Simmions mother.

Both Roosevelt and Naomi Simmions are decendents of Jim and Winnie Shankle.

The Odom family is one of the most successful branches of the Shankle Family. They have entrepeneurs and one member of the board of The Texas Historical Society and a member of the Daughters of Republic of Texas.

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