The patriarch of The Wright family is Benjamin Wright Sr (1845 – 1899).

It is assumed by Herman Wright’s family that they are related to the Sherrod Wright clan. Oral history on both sides seems to indicate that is true. There is also a family resemblance that tends to confirm that. While it is not known precisely where the family relations start, there is speculation that Benjamin Wright, born in 1843, is related to Solomon Wright and that his son Nanny Wright who died in the 1850’s may be Benjamin’s nephew.

Benjamin built his own legacy on this land, one that remains today with 4th and 5th generation Wrights that continue to call it “Home”.

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(Courtesy of Alton Booker Sr.)


All information contained in this genealogy was obtained* from
obituaries, community cemeteries, and the memories of our now surviving elders.

*(Courtesy of Alton Booker Sr.)
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